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    The New Pluralists funder collaborative just launched Healing Starts Here, a new project that commits $10 million to support organizations and initiatives in local communities with grants ranging...
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    Submissions Are Open For The 2022 ABCD Unconference

    By Michelle Dunscombe, 2022-05-16
    Hi Everyone, On behalf of the Unconference global organising team, we are thrilled to announce submissions to present at this years ABCD Unconference in October 2022. This year you...
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    Losing by Playing the Blame Game

    By John L. McKnight, 2022-05-12
    If you attend the meetings of many neighborhood organizations, their focus is mainly on local issues. These often include unruly youth, dangerous alleys, graffiti, lack of jobs, dangerous police,...
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    Transparency and Trust: From Looking in to Being in

    By John L. McKnight, 2022-04-07
    One explanation for the failings of our democracy is that government is not trusted. One aspect of the national dialogue on restoring trust in government suggests that a critical reform is...
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    The Dutch Association of Mayors invited me, as a representative of the Asset-Based Community Development Institute, to visit their 20 largest cities and share an asset-based approach with...
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    Creating Trust: The Unique Power of Associations

    By John L. McKnight, 2022-02-10
    It is not difficult to distinguish the functions of physical tools from each other. No one uses a saw to drive a nail into a piece of wood. Likewise, no one attempts to cut a piece of wood with a...
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