Fasoranti Damilola
Fasoranti Damilola
5 months ago
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Dear ABCD Practitioners,

Welcome to 2022 and it's exciting to learn and share with you in the past years.

I am curious and want to learn about Policy, this year and I was wondering if any of you have worked in the around policy (specifically young and educational policies).

It will be great if you have also used ABCD and other community-based, citizen-drive initiatives to drive policy (problem identification, agenda-setting, formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation).

Looking forward to your responses. Thanks.

Allison Lourash
Allison Lourash
4 months ago
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Hello Fasoranti- citizen-driven policy is very much in alignment with ABCD and I think about this mainly at a local level- a group of youth who are involved in changing a local council policy that impacts them for example. I also think about work I am involved in around paying community members (including youth) for their work when institutions are wanting citizens to sit on committees and provide input. There are some academic journal articles that relate to this I can send if you would like. I think there is a great opportunity to develop a citizen drive policy framework that aligns with ABCD.