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    The Key to Effective Community Building

    By Wendy McCaig, 2017-09-01
    My friend Rudy Green is fond of reminding me, “It ain’t about you.” Every time I start to think that the success of a community building effort is somehow the result of my efforts, skills or...
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    In every year there are huge production of crops and vegetables in many countries. Developed countries utilize all of their production, but it is difficult for the developing and underdeveloped...
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    I do a considerable amount of ABCD training. I always end an introductory training with an exercise that has people identify actions they could take, based on connecting the assets they have...
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    Mentorship will take you places………

    By charles esibikhwa edward, 2017-07-12
    Conversations with young people have really got me think of the impact of mentorship to young people. It has been quite an experience for me to meet quite a number of young people in forums,...
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    New ABCD in Action Facebook Group

    By Dee Brooks, 2017-06-27
    Hi All,  A new Facebook Group is up and running to encourage the cross-pollination of the member's group discussions here and the sharing of resources, tools and networks on Facebook - please...
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    Increasingly, social impact is being prioritized into the missions of organizations. My original training is as a licensed social worker, so as you can imagine, I am all for positive social...
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    By charles esibikhwa edward, 2017-04-24
    Impetuous and sometimes uncontrollable progress in all spheres of science, the growth of population around the world, ecological problems, wars, and many other crises modern humanity faces...
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    ABCD in Australia and the Asia Pacific!

    By Dee Brooks, 2017-04-18
    The current nature and history of ABCD in Australia, New Zealand and across the Asia Pacific is diverse and colourful! Here are 2 blogs written by a group of people who have been involved for...
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    ABCD in Action News: April 2017

    By ABCD in Action, 2017-04-12
    Welcome to ABCD in Action News! This is the first edition of our newsletter since we've moved to a new platform for ABCD in Action. We hope it will be the first of many and will continue...
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    Mentorship Born Out of Community Conversations

    By charles esibikhwa edward, 2017-04-09
    Some time last year when i together with other like minded individual began the practice of ABCD in our community.Little did we know how far this could take us in terms of finding the real...
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    Think Global, Act Local

    By Hulula, 2017-04-06
    It is important to note that there are often many NGOs and government programs operating simultaneously in the communities where you work, many of which are following a predominantly top-down,...
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    Community Development Director Job Opening

    By Joe Erpenbeck, 2017-02-06
    Community Development Director   Community Development Director will provide strong visionary and collaborative leadership in community development across many sectors in Brantford and...
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    On the suggestion and request of John McKnight, Judi and Dee pulled together some of the highlights, influences and challenges around ABCD in Australia! We had a lot of fun writing this and...
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    I wrote a blog some months ago titled “Through the Looking Glass; a Blended Herstory” which was an attempt to synthesise almost 2 decades of work. This cathartic experience compelled me to create...
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    This is an interesting read. Anyone else committing to avoid these terms? Community Development Cliches
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    A quick post-election reminder

    By John Hamerlinck, 2016-11-10
    In the aftermath of the catastrophic U.S. election, I find it necessary to remind myself of an important reality. Institutions cannot stop social change from occurring. Culture creates change....
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    By Rosanna Perone, 2016-09-10
    I would like to exchange about the application of ABCD to patients treated by the Mental Helathe and the Dependence services
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    Show Me the Money!!!

    By Dee Brooks, 2016-08-14
    However much you can, that is... For those who dont know the movie Jerry Maguire, Jerry is a sports agent who has a client who is considering jumping ship and who has coerced him to participate...
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    Vision is Personal

    By John Hamerlinck, 2016-08-08
    Re-blogged from my website, leadingdifferently.com Creating change is inescapably tied to a shared vision. People cant keep their eyes on the prize, if they dont know what the prize is. A...
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    Treasures in Our Neighbourhoods

    By Joe Erpenbeck, 2016-07-26
    I have seen this guy biking around town riding an unbelievably decked out bicycle. It appeared to have flashing lights, music playing and all types of decorations. The cyclist often...
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